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Mukashi Mukashi
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Default Simulated matches

Just pointing out a major bug reported in another part of the forum:

It appears that Leagues 5.78, 5.79, 5.80 & 5.81 have all completed the season well ahead of the rest of us. However from the report only two games were being played per day.

I assume from what was said that 3 days worth of matches have played themselves automatically without any chance for the teams to change tactics. That is a potential 18 points a team could have lost through simulation.

Leander can you ask the Developers to investigate this one please?

18 points is the difference between 1st and 3rd place for the whole of the first and second leagues, so there could be some very angry people if the bug recurrs next season.
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Thanks for posting, I will ask them tomorrow (Monday).
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